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I have had the honour of having the following images on Renderosity's "Poser Staff Pick of the Week" list:
London - 05 June 2017 * Coffee Break - 26 March 2018 * Daphne, the kitten and the butterfly - 14 May 2018 * Bedtime - 05 November 2018 * Diva and Luna - 13 November 2018 * Walking in the rain - 04 February 2019 * Waiting for the rain to stop - 18 February 2019 * Christmas Night - 05 November 2019 * Eiryn - 23 December 2019 * Spring - 20 April 2020 * Cara and the cats - 13 July 2020 * Moroccan night - 27 July 2020 * L'Homme/La Femme - 14 September 2020 * Against the wall - 21 September 2020 * Our Christmas morning - 04 January 2021 *

I am proud to say my entry for Renderosity's 2019 Holiday Card contest, Christmas Night, won 2nd place

"Dark Aurora" was chosen to be featured in Poser Pulse 30 December 2020, "Moonlight swing" and "Modern apartment series - kitchen" were featured in Poser Pulse 25 February 2020
Modern apartment series - bathroom Modern apartment series - bedroom Modern apartment series - kitchen Moonlight swing Just like mummy (almost) A candle for the victims Our Christmas morning T'was the night before Christmas Looking for Santa Silent night Summer days Cozy evening Rebel Her 1 2 3 Comfort Dark Aurora Sleepless night Autumn Against the wall L'Homme/La Femme Spicy A quiet night on the balcony Doggie pool Mix Brienn Fi/Thurmaline Tigers Boho swing Skyla for Dawn Let sleeping dog lie Moroccan night The last sunlight Cara and the cats Chicken? Did she say chicken? The babysitter Garden time Moonlight Play with me Blue Spring Live like someone left the door open - but stop and smell the flowers Melancholy United we stand Wind Birthday cake Cozy afternoon Winter walk Winter night Twinkle, twinkle little star Christmas preparations Eiryn rendered in Superfly Ambyr and Eiryn are Christmas shopping Christmas Night Oh, hello! A walk by the lake Summer Father and Dauther Anticipation Waiting for the rain to stop Walking in the rain Kids and puppies Morning joy Quiet winter night Bedtime? Baking for Christmas Diva and Luna Bedtime Enchanted pond Exibarah and Oriana Coffee break on the patio Rain Daphne, the kitten and the butterfly Essence Coffee break Dance like nobody is watching Ianthe and the pets Happy New Year The night before Christmas Late night thoughts Anastasia Eiryn and Ayla Earth Princess Facebook banner Quiet morning Morgan and kitty Mixture Utoya 22.07.11 Summer breeze Big sister and baby brother Little Miss Luna Precious moment Lady in red Innocence? London Little differences Gone but not forgotten Eirwen, Tarynn, Enya Kirsty and Natalia Reaching for the moon Sapphira Allure Girls, girls, girls Simplicity Finesse Wind of Hope Esme E girls Lost in thoughts Maternity Tall, dark, handsome Midnight rendezvous under the old oak tree Midnight lady Simplicity Comfort Sage Babylon

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